Final count down

Getting ready for the exam


Good morning! there is a video you just need to watch. I am not providing any actitiy because we are just remembering things we did last year….


Good morning everyone! Sorry I’m late with the task. I invite you to check our school webpage. My daughters and I spend quite a few hours recording and editing a storytelling in English and Spanish for our little students. Remember I also teach 5 year olds! 🙂 Now here the task….


Hi there everyone! Here you are to answer excercise 3 from page 73 from the Pupil’s book. This requires you to have read the text in advance. Make sure you use could, might, have to, and the negative forms!!! Here we go.. DO NOT IMPROVISE! (DON’T WRITE AS YOU ARE THINKING… MAKE A DRAFT, ORGANIZEContinue reading “TASK 6”


Hey Guys! You are doing a wonderful job! I really think you need and deserve a huge, monumental, shouted applause… I think we should all go out our balconies and share an applause TO ALL OUR STUDENTS FROM ALL AGES! You are an inspiration to us when you are tough and persistent! HERE IS MYContinue reading “NO TASK..JUST THANK YOU!!!”

TASK 4(19/03)

Good morning everyone! Today you are going to let us know your thoughts about this news. Read through it and do not worry if you don’t understad everything. It’s ok if you just get the general idea. Remember! you are to show your best English and never, ever try to speak your Spanish thoughts intoContinue reading “TASK 4(19/03)”

TASK 3 (17/03)

Good morning! and happy St Patrick!. I have sent you a power point that I hope you will be able to see at some point today. The question for today however doesn’t necessarily have to do with St. Patrick but it does have to do with festivities!!! Tell us! What is your favourite national festivity?Continue reading “TASK 3 (17/03)”

TASK 2 (16/03)

Hi there everyone!! How are you doing ? I hope you aren’t missing school yet 😛 THis is today’s question but before writing remember to organize your ideas, structure sentences, choose verb tenses (variety) use connectors and try to surprise me!!!! So …. Do you have a hobby, an activity that you enjoy a lot?Continue reading “TASK 2 (16/03)”

TASK 1 (12/03)

Hi everybody.. Here goes the first task. Remember… only three to four sentences. One minute thought in advance. Careful with the use of connectors and try to show more than one verb tense. Get on board!!!!!! (today you get two questions in one) How do you like spending your free time when you are withContinue reading “TASK 1 (12/03)”

The first one

Describe the following image, remembering that: If you use some prompts from your Description Guide, your description will be so much better… I AM a connector…. Please, take me with you!!!!!. Guess what? You are all doing the same picture… I’d love to hear new words!! .(study!)

Guide for descriptions

In the following image, you can find some of the prompts which you could use when you are preparing this part of the speaking exam. Remember: 1- The more you use a structure the easier it will come to your mind. (Repeat, repeat and repeat… it’s not boring, it is clever!) 2- It is aContinue reading “Guide for descriptions”

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